Our family has been farming in southern Indiana for more than 160 years.  Our heritage includes not only strong family values, but also a commitment to honor God in all we do.  Our grass finished beef business began in 2006, and it furthers our goal to raise our children and grandchildren to appreciate God's creation while providing a superior product that allows people to buy local.

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Our original herd was a mix of Black Angus, Charlioas, and Hereford.  Recently, we have added Red Angus to the cross through bulls purchased from Pharo Cattle Company.  These bulls have been specially selected for superior grass finishing as well as calving ease.
Our cattle are 100% grass finished. This means that they pasture on a rotational grazing system in the summer.  In the winter, our cows eat a mixture of legumes and haulage that we chop and store during the summer.

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